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HAC and Related Systems

HAC and Related Systems

HAC and Related Systems

Since the early 1980s, the HAC (high angle conveyor) system has proven itself to be a versatile and money-saving method for elevating or lowering materials continuously from one level to another at extremely steep angles. Over the years, the HAC system has been successfully used in a variety of commercial applications, conveying a wide range of materials. These have included coal, tunnel muck, gravel, wood chips, copper ore, gypsum, slag, excavated silts, sands, clay, grains, refuse and municipal sludge, among other materials.

Joy HAC (High Angle Conveyor) System

  • Ideal for both mining and industrial applications, including handling of wet or sticky materials
  • Ideal option for steep angle applications

Joy HAC System in Open Pit Mining

  • Reduced truck haulage costs due to fewer trucks and shorter routes
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs

Joy HAC System for Tunneling

  • Uses standard idlers and rolls for quick and easy component replacement
  • May be shortened or lengthened or have the conveying angle altered for a new location