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Blasthole drills

Blasthole drills

Blasthole drills

Rotary blasthole drills from Joy Global are productive solutions for all mine types. When you need to meet your drilling and blasting needs at the lowest cost per meter drilled, these powerful and reliable systems make P&H drills your best choice. P&H’s powerful and rugged rotary carriages are able to provide ample torque and bit loading through the toughest rock conditions in the world. Difficult operating environments, such as arctic conditions, high altitude and weak power grids are no match for our drills.

In addition, we have blasthole drill consumables available; check out our full line of tools. 

P&H 250XPC

  • Up to 40,823 kg (90,000 lbs.) of bit loading
  • Handles 200 to 311 mm (7 7/8 to 12 ¼ in.) hole diameters

P&H 285XPC

  • Up to 53,524 kg (118,000 lbs.) of bit loading
  • Handles 229 to 349 mm (9 to 13 ¾ in.) hole diameters

P&H 320XPC

  • Up to 68,038 kg (150,000 lbs.) of bit loading
  • Handles 270 to 444 mm (10 5/8 to 17 ½ in.) hole diameters