Joy Global

Service products and consumables

Genuine P&H and Joy parts are manufactured to OEM specifications that meet your tough operating standards.

With dedicated regional warehouses and computerized inventory systems, we can ensure timely and cost-effective parts delivery to anywhere in the world.

We offer a wide range of consumable, replacement, and upgrade parts for all your Joy Global equipment.

  • Blasthole drilling tools and raisebore drilling tools include stabilizers, drill steel, and makeup/breakout tools.
  • Shovel upgrades include filtration systems, idler upgrades, desiccant dryers and many other critical upgrades.

In addition, we offer a full product line of Mine Air System products for your shovels, drills, or draglines.

Why use genuine P&H and Joy parts?

Consider some key factors when you are deciding on generic vs. genuine OEM parts.

Online inventory parts sale

Special discounts on selected in-stock parts for underground products, beginning September 16th, 2015.

Parts manual portal

Our parts manual portal allows you to access all our maintenance parts manuals from one location.

Service portal

Our service portal allows you to access all our operator and maintenance manuals as well as service bulletins.

Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS model 361

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Roof-mounted unit for mobile mining equipment

MAS model 1000

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Specifically designed for electric mining shovels, drills, and draglines

MAS model 1500

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Specifically designed for electric mining shovels, drills, and draglines

MAS rear window AC system

  • Specifically designed for haul truck applications
  • Can be used as supplemental A/C system or to replace OEM A/C system

MAS 24V DC remote compressor / condenser

  • Designed to integrate with OEM A/C systems
  • Replaces the conventional engine-mounted, belt-driven compressor

MAS LRE3 remote evaporator unit

  • Greater operator comfort and control
  • Improved performance
  • Ease of installation and maintenance

MAS no-idle system

  • Allows operation of cab heating and air-conditioning systems even when diesel engine is not running
  • Reduces carbon footprint enabling mines to meet environmental target

Electric rope shovel upgrades

MAS model 361

The heavy-duty SnubRite has been field tested and validated to increase efficiency and snubbing power.

D-ring fall protection upgrade

Fall protection packages are available for five mining shovel safety zones.

Desiccant dryer upgrade

The desiccant dryer upgrade uses activated alumina to dry the air in a compressed air system.

Auto crowd belt tensioner upgrade

The Auto Crowd Belt Tensioner upgrade enables proper crowd belt tensioning.

Fleeting sheave rope guide upgrade

The fleeting sheave rope guide upgrade helps limit hoist rope flexing during dipper hoisting and lowering.

Air Scrub Pro filtration system

The Air Scrub Pro filtration system helps increase house pressurization and air filtration.

Front idler upgrade

The front idler upgrade helps improve component life and reduce maintenance requirements during the undercarriage life cycle.

ATransient filter system

  • Corrects mine power supply issues
  • Applicable all digital drive DC equipment

Truck upgrades

Replacement gearing: GE 240t AC truck drive systems

  • Gearing components have B10 life of 24,000 hours
  • One-piece forging on torque tub provides greater fatigue life