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JoySmart Solutions

The mining industry is changing rapidly due to the need to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety. With these challenges in mind, Joy Global is helping bring mining performance to the next level.

Through JoySmart Solutions, Joy Global helps solve its customer’s toughest challenges using data-driven intelligence, collaboration through partnership and experienced-based service execution. It is a solutions-based offering designed to help reduce costs and increase productivity for customers, while helping them achieve or exceed their operating and financial goals.

Smart, connected products deliver data to our experts, who partner with customers through our direct service network. The analytics produced allow us to provide direction, anticipating service needs and optimizing machine productivity to drive results and move the needle in mine performance.

The results speak for themselves, ensuring that every customer is a reference.

Understanding JoySmart solutions

JoySmart Solutions is a total package of smart, connected products, technology, and smart services.

How JoySmart solutions works

What does JoySmart solutions look like in action?

JoySmart locations

JoySmart locations are around the globe, located in the major mining regions of the world.