Joy Global

Who we are?

Ideal Machinery, Consultancy, Import, Export and Trade Ltd. Company was established in 1997. We are the fully authorized Turkish dealers of Joy Global Inc. Company, U.S.A. group of companies which is the biggest manufacturer of surface mining equipment and underground mining machinery in the world. The group comprise of P&H Mining Equipment, Joy Mining Machinery and affiliate companies like Pyramid Parts, Stamler Products and Continental Conveyors.

A total number of 52 units of P&H surface mining equipment exists in Turkey. The fleet consists of 49 units of electric mining shovels and 3 units of walking draglines. The whole P&H fleet is owned by TKI Turkish Coal Board coal mines with an exception of two shovels operating at Demir Export Co.’s Kangal mine site. Ideal Machinery and Consultancy Ltd. Co. gives after sales back-up to this fleet with her experienced and competent crew. This support includes service, OEM spare parts, technological upgrades, equipment inspections, maintenance and repair contracts, overhaul projects and consultancy on equipment selection and cost analysis studies. The company undertakes equipment erection, overhauling, machine relocations etc., as well.


Here are some of the services offered in detail:


  • Machine Inspection Reports

The inspections comprise both electrical and mechanical ones on both shovels and draglines. Based on these reports spare parts procurement schedules are made and annual maintenance and repair programs of the equipment are decided and carried out. We give such services to TKI Turkish Coal Board mine sites. Programmed maintenance and repair programs and through predictive and preventive maintenance measures the mining equipment runs more smoothly with greater availabiliy thus preventing the fatal failure of equipment.

  • Undertaking Preventive Maintenance and Repair Contracts

Ideal Ltd. Co. Is capable of providing services like daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance and repair services to fleets of electric mining shovels and draglines operating at surface mines. Thus, the customer may allocate the manpower saved to the other divisions where labour shortage exists.

  • OEM Spare Parts and Techological Machinery Upgrades

Based on the equipment inspections made, Ideal ltd. Co. may recommend and prepare recommended spare parts lists and may provide and supply the parts if required. Upon request, our servicemen may supervise and support the customer’s teams in installing critical components and parts where special procedures and adjustments are essential. If it is needed we can be instrumental in provision of techological upgrading of electric mining shovels and draglines and other machinery through OEM.

  • Machinery and Equipment Erection, Dismantling, Relocation and Commissioning

Ideal Ltd. Co. staff is capable of erecting, relocating and commissioning of mining machinery on a project and contract basis under the guidance and supervision of the OEM companies we deal.

  • Machinery and Equipment Selection, Cost Analysis Studies and Consultancy Services

We are in a position to support the present and future mining customers in conducting production, cost and machinery selection studies in cooperation with the OEM companies we represent in the country.



Senior Mining Engineer


Senior Ex-P&H Service Engineer


Electric-Electronics Engineer

Our Duty

Our duty is to support the customer technically and encourage them to use OEM parts so that performance and service life is predictable and in return the customers’ equipment has the highest availability figure. Our duty is to back-up the mining customers so that they get maximum performance and production at a lowest cost per ton of ore or coal mined.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the best dealer in the country dealing with both surface and underground mining machinery and to deal with the best and the biggest mining equipment manufacturers.


Our major services have been supplying OEM spare parts and provision of technical support to the mining customers. We have also been carrying out maintenance, repair and overhaul contracts with some of the customers as cited in Overhaul section.